Pineapple sandwiches, a southern delight

My friend Natalie brought pineapple sandwiches to a recent potluck. It was fun to watch the reaction when folks spotted them. An immediate smile appeared. Actually, it was more like a grin because most everyone had a tale to tell about enjoying pineapple sandwiches. One by one, they disappeared from the plate. But the fond memories lingered well into the night.

Pineapple sandwiches are perfect for a conversation starter at a potluck. They're ideal to stick in a Ziploc bag and place in the cooler when heading out boating or fishing. They are a quick snack after school, and they'll feel so special that you took the time to cut them in the round shape. I know that I did when Mom made them for me. Hey, I'd feel special if she made them for me now!


Can of pineapple slices


White bread

Drain the pineapple and pat slices dry with a paper towel. Cut the white bread slices into the perfect size round bread by using the pineapple can. Just press it onto the bread and VoilĂ ! ... just the right size. Spread mayo (regular, fat-free or light) onto the bread and place one slice of pineapple between two rounds. Want to get a little fancy? Add a smidgen of the pineapple juice in with the mayo and blend. Want a "heartier" sandwich? Experiment with different heart-healthy breads.

It's a treat that young and old and in-between will love. Make them, and I bet someone will have a story from the past to share. There's no time like the present to create a new memory for those too young to have had them. Make a pineapple sandwich and bring on the smiles.

And if you want something a little fancier ... try pineapple and cream cheese tea sandwiches. For a quick version, mix softened cream cheese and drained pineapple, finely chopped. Or mix 3/4 c. soft butter, 1 1/2 c. softened cream cheese, 1/2 c. finely chopped drained pineapple, and 1 t. cinnamon -- you can add finely chopped walnuts for a little crunch.

So whether you want the basic mayo and pineapple slice sandwich or the fancier cream cheese pineapple tea sandwich, you are sure to taste a bit of the South. All with a smile, of course.