Yummy Cherry yum Yum

It’s hard to beat Cherry Yum Yum, my grandmother’s signature dessert. Mama Martin made it for almost every occasion. Obviously, it’s a family favorite. Quite frankly, it is yum-yum-yummy. Hope you enjoy it.

2 c. Graham Cracker Crumbs

1 stick butter

12 oz. Cool Whip

8 oz. pkg. of cream cheese

1 c. sugar

2 cans of cherry pie filling

Cream the softened cream cheese and sugar. Add cream cheese mixture to Cool Whip. Melt butter and add cracker crumbs and mix well. Pat layer of crumb mixture on bottom of 9×12 glass baking dish. Layer cool whip mixture, then all cherry pie filling, and top with layer of Cool Whip mixture. Sprinkle top with crumbs. Refrigerate. (You can serve it immediately, but it tastes better a day or two later).